Since 1988, Southland Employment Services, Inc. has witnessed many changes in the demand for contingent workers in the light industrial sector of the staffing industry. Employer’s demand for outsourcing human capital has shifted from a need to hedge risk, hedge loss and lower employment and insurance costs to a sharpened focus on scaling business up quickly, and finding elusive talent and contingent workers in the new Gig Economy.

Southland’s mission is to be nationally recognized as the most experienced and established top performer in rapid-response recruitment, placement and staffing dependability. This is achieved by providing our clients with a nation-wide network of staffing tools and resources needed to scale up quickly and effectively.

Southland specializes in placing entry-level staff, technically skilled and industrial workers, light-industrial and logistics personnel, and clerical and administrative staff in a variety of diverse business sectors. Our staffing specialists are among the most experienced in the industry. Whether it is a temporary assignment, a direct-hire opportunity or a temp-to-hire arrangement, our team offers expert advice, consultation and proven solutions to each client we service.

Southland provides candidates for administrative, manufacturing, logistics/warehouse, hospitality, retail, large and small events, transportation and many other positions.

A staffing pioneer with over 30 years of experience, we set staffing industry standards with some of the most successful recruitment campaigns, as well as the most rapid response techniques in the business.

We are fanatical about Customer Service. We will bend over backwards to find our candidates the right job for them. We bend over backwards to find the right candidates for our clients.

-- Jorge Ponce,Executive Vice President

Southland Services is committed to fast-response staffing, with minimal wait times for our clients.  This has been the corner stone of our success.

-- Jorge Rodriguez,Founder and Chairman

Southland’s roots are in Southern California. Jorge A. Rodriguez immigrated from South America in the late 1970’s. After attending and graduating from Pacific States University in Los Angeles with a Doctorate degree, he founded his first Staffing Operation in 1984 after fulfilling and realizing his doctorate dissertation on the future of outsourcing labor in the U.S.  He recognized that the demand was impressive for outsourcing labor in light industrial industries and that this would provide companies with cost-savings and low-risk benefits. Incorporated in 1993, Southland Employment Services, Inc. became recognized as a local leader in light-industrial staffing in the Southeast Los Angeles Metropolitan Area.  To date, Southland remains a private, and family-owned operation.

Southland would thrive and evolve over the next twenty years. Evolving economies, changing industries, advances in technology and larger opportunities beyond its local marketplace would become the catalysts for the expansion of the company from a local leader to a national staffing provider.

In 2013, the demand for staffing expertise and rapid response workforce ramp-up was evident to Southland’s Leadership in markets outside of California. A few of Southland’s own clients recognized favorable business climates and favorable cost structures outside of California and presented Southland with an opportunity and invitation to provide staffing services outside of California. Thus began the development of Southland’s national footprint.

With offices and operations in over 38 states, Southland Employment Services, Inc. has introduced its brand of rapid response staffing and service to over 100 companies nation-wide. Southland Employment Services, Inc. is well on its way to become a nationally recognized staffing services provider.